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Our oysters are handpicked from local waters daily. The Rappahanock River has a salinity range of 15 ppt-18ppt. This gives our oysters a lightly salty flavor with a creamy butter taste.

We proudly offer a wide range of oyster products for our wholesale and retail customers. Oysters can be bought by the bushel or shucked. Our company offers 2 labels Choice of Chesapeake and Urbanna Creek.

 The Choice of Chesapeake

Products come packaged dependent upon meat size.

Our Guidelines are:
Ex-Selects have 160-210 meats per gallon. They are the largest meat size available.
Selects have 211-300 meats per gallon. Selects are identified by a red lid.
Standards have 301-500 meats per gallon. They are identified by a blue lid.

Oysters per Container      
Size Standard Selects Ex-Selects
8oz. 19-31 13-9  
12oz 28-47 20-28  
16oz (pint) 38-63 27-37  
32oz Quart 75-125 52-75  
Half Gallon 150-250 106-150  
Gallon 300-501 211-300 160-210

     8oz Jars




  8oz Pop Tops


Glass Jars: 80z, Quart, and Pints

Urbanna Creek
Same great oysters just different packaging.

80z Pop Top 

12oz and Pint 



 Oysters are available year round. It was once believed that oysters should only be eaten in months with an “r” in it, however, this is no longer true. Thanks to proper refrigeration techniques and advances in science, quality oysters are available in every month.

Our products are safetly shipped to many areas including; Boston, North Carolina, across Virginia, New York, and Maryland. 


 Blue Crabs

Blue Crabs are sold to customers in several ways as well: Fresh, dressed, and frozen.

They are sold off our dock live by the bushel.

Steamed and seasoned.

They are also sold clean and frozen.

Blue Crabs are a seasonal product.

Please call us at 804-758-5640 or email saracook2002@hotmail.com
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