Aquaculture-Spat on Shell

Shores and Ruark is proud to offer a sustainable product, oysters. We farm raise oysters in two different ways based on our two desired end products.

Spat on Shell is the process of growing clusters of oysters, perfect for our shucking productions. There are several steps to this process:

1.) Gather oyster shell that has been sun dried for atleast a year. Clean them.

2.) Put the oyster shell in cages.


3.) Put the shell into tanks. These 3 tanks are 4000 Gallons and capable of setting 225 bushels each.


4.) Fill the tanks with filtered sea water at a temperature around 75 degrees.

5.) Add the eyed larvae. Let them swim around tank with water and air off until they go through their setting phase. Usually about 24 hours.

 Ball of eyed larvae. Comes wrapped in damp cloth.

6.) After about 5 days drain tanks. Load shell onto barge for planting.

7.) Oyster shell with spat are planted in designated areas in the Rappahannock and left to grow for about a year or until they reach market size.



 Stages of spat growth. Youngest from left to right.


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